About Hilary

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Hilary’s counselling practise is located in Colwood, BC. Information about RCCs is on the BCACC website. Hilary is on retreat from December 15th until January 13th, after which she’ll be available to take calls and schedule appointments.

If you need counselling in the meantime, the BCACC website has a Find A Counsellor tool. You can see Hilary’s profile there, or contact her by email or phone (250-478-0323).

Outside her garden setting, she’s active in the community, auditioning for new musical theatre roles, and updating her website.


  1. Hilary is such a joy to work with. She brings a steady, calming, positive and nurturing energy to all she undertakes. She is an excellent listener and is very patient. Her garden is a place of relaxation and healing, and her connection with the earth is calming and grounding in and of itself. I highly recommend Hilary as a counsellor and a person!

  2. Hi Hilary

    Hope you are still working in silk.
    Last week my son, wore your silk,scarf to,the Christmas party of Butterfield Robinson, where Martha Butterfield was very taken with the scarf,

    Hardy believe it has even nearly 18 years since you made those lovely scarves for me, my girls and Norman from my late husbands ties, , Jan Tennant still,wears hers. Would younconsiderbanother commission,
    Are you also. On Facebook . I am

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